hotel management system

bizRayHMS our Exclusive Hotel Management System (HMS) for boutique hotels. This is a simplified version for traditional Property Management System (PMS) designed specifically for small and mid-range hotels to manage their hotel operations efficiently.

The Hotel Management System is specifically designed keeping in mind the following :

  • Easy implementation.
  • Cost effectives.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Ability to add in new features at low cost.

Key Modules

  • Front Desk Management Module.
  • Room Inventory Management Module.
  • Rates Management Module.
  • Hotel Inventory Management Module.
  • Reports module (Occupancy trend reports, Instant collection reports, etc).

Other Features

  • Instantaneous Housekeeping updates to front desk.
  • Transit guests management.
  • Check out alerts to front desk staff.
  • Online management dashboards.
  • Online reservation capability (with Instant room allocation).

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